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1. Visit Our Musical Mothership at:

See why the HWP  slogan is:  "Making the best organic/Electronic and sweaty rock music since we started..."  and sample MP3s, check out the LIVE calendar and more.


2. Buy Vintage Analog Synths, Used Effects, Guitar items, Etc  at: Studio Sale

We have an online shop of various synthesizers, effects, electronic gizmos, and more in our DAED Studio Sale.

Updated regularly and always interesting! 


3. Visit the ultimate Geek/Gear online Forum: 

Synths, Cats, Geeks, and gear. What online noisehead could want more?!! Now featuring an Official DAEDSound  Forum. Visit us and post here.


4.   -  Distortion Shoot out pages

The ultimate ACID and TB303 Shoot out page with online demos of 303s, Clones, and distortions tested on the classic Acid box.  Check out the DAED Disturbo DS1 on a 303!!











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