DAED Who??

Our Manifesto:

We live in  one of the richest environments for musical experimentation in the history of time. Virtual modeling stomp boxes approximate both historical and previously unavailable sounds and ideas.  VST computer instruments can be designed by non programmers to accomplish whatever sound, filter, oscillator, or effect you desire.  Boutique effect and synthesizer shops make everything from new "vintage" tape delays to modular synthesizers offering capabilities the founding father of synthesis never dreamed of.

It is in this climate that DAED was formed. Presenting a variety of circuit bent and alternatively engineered products and one of a kind instruments DAED seeks to go where no one has gone before. Into your head.

Each DAED instrument, effect, or object d'art is lovingly hand made in our underground factory surrounded by its electronic family of blinking, flashing, and moaning art.

Our circuit bent instruments are each unique both in features and their one-of-a-kind design. No two DAED instruments are identical so you can rest assured you are getting an item that is created for you, by us, to make the sound in YOUR head.

DAED exists to fill the need of quality affordable products to those that wish to ignore the boundaries of convention and good taste and wade in the waters of noise and beautiful alien soundscapes.  Our creations chirp, buzz, groan, and make sweet sounds from hell and beyond. If you are looking for the elusive "tone" from your favorite guitarist or keyboardist we recommend you look at the myriad of products geared towards that world. DAED travels in the other direction giving you access to sounds most of the world would neither desire nor understand. If you are reading this and curious then you are most likely a DAED comrade.

We offer stock and hand painted designs to give the purchaser the maximum flexibility in affordability or individuality of design. If you see an item you would like simply write us and we can give you a custom quote for painting and design options. 

Who is DAED?

DAED founder and main creator is long standing experimental Musician and Artist David Talento. Talento's discography ranges from ambient music to power electro-noise, industrial blues, hand held and 8bit performances, and more. He is a veteran of many bands and dozens of performances and concerts in clubs and festivals across the US in event such as the Fringe Festival, Nu-Musik Seminar, and Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS).  His DAED contributions are built specifically to lend themselves to live manipulation both on stage and in the studio.

Talento's full biography can be found here and current albums, concerts, art and photo galleries and more are always available at HelpWantedproductions.com.   For DAED he has taken many of his custom designs, private circuit bent instruments, and stable modifications, and made them available to the public for the first time.


Come Join Us!

Soon DAED will be offering hand designed jewelry, lamps, clocks, our pe rsonal brand of "Electronic Cow" designed products  to those discriminating folks who appreciate our ongoing theme of technology and it's organic and human manifestations. Much of our art is made from recycled consumer electronics as we seek to bring new purpose to them and you from their previous lives.

Come join us on the far side of  the unconventional. We welcome you as partners in our journey.


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