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Circuit Bent and Other Items For Sale:

 DAED does many one off items including circuit bent instruments, proto-pieces, and just ODD weird creations for our enjoyment.  

 Browse this page of DAED HandMade often as our inventory is constantly changing.

We can take additional pictures or provide samples for any item.

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DAED Handmade  (Updated Fall  2013 ) 


DAED made Music From Outer Space Weird Sound Generators (WSG) Sold @$200

Inititally Designed by MFOS this is the incredible weird Sound generator synth with two complete VCF/LFO modualted sections, analog filter, and more.  Built by DAEDSound.com into a cool GI Joe metal lunch box with on/off volume knob, 1/4" output, and additional sound mods in addition to all the original MFOS WSG functionality. This one of a kind unit runs off a 9vt battery and is ready to bleeping rock.

Full info and audio samples of the Weird Sound Generator at:  http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/mfosweb/synthdiy.action?PROJARG=WSG2010/wsg_page1.html&findProjectMode=BYURI&MAINTAB=SYNTHDIY&CATPARTNO=WSGPREBUILT


Other DAEDSound.com Weird Sound Generators :



Bleep Labs custom Thngamakit built into a 2XL 8Track robot!!


DAED Modified Test Oscillator - Sold @$125

Vintage Vega lab test oscillator with five Frequency and fine tune controls, Manual Trigger with adjustable Envelope Decay, adjustable Volume, and 1/4", Banana, and Ground jacks. The range of this classic machine goes from sub LFO to higher than hearing with the two right side controls adding modulation to the original signal. In addition to it's original test lead output connections DAED installed a 1/4" output jack to interface with any guitar pedal or effect unit or to run direct to a mixer or amp.  There is also a banana jack output and additional banana ground for interfacing with modular synthesizers or any other modern equipment.  Finally, a standard three prong power cable was installed and the original on/off switch rewired for no frills operation.

Classic oscillator updated with modern features and ready for your studio, lab. or live Freaknoise concert!



Let there be light!!  DAED has been making unsual jewelry, clocks, and lamps for a few years and currently has quite a stash available to browse at Dylan Art Gallery in our hometown of Phila PA. We will be making selelct items avilable online here at DAED Handmade as well in the upcoming months. Our first item is a poseable gooseneck lamp built into a recycled XBOX console. The power button turns the lamp on and off and you can pose the light however you wish. tres cool and perfect for the geek who has everything BUT this!

Video of our complete lamp line of Lights in a Blender, Atari 2600, and XBOX lamps:  http://youtu.be/VpLRiClsak0


BENT SPEAK AND SPELLS!!!   Custom items starting at $100-$125 !!

A Favorite of Bent Nuts everywhere DAED stocks working units ready to be bent for YOUR glitch needs. Here are some details:

-  Download the DAED Speak manual Here:

- Another video of Production Model: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05I1dwniH_o


Custom Painted Circuit Bent Speak and Math:   $140.00

One off Custom designed Speak and Math with multiple glitch bends, looping, touch contacts, speed/tempo  adjustments, 1/4" output and more. A Beautiful Tragedy signed by the "D" in DAED:


Other Speak and Math/Read/Spells available with stock Mods/Design starting at $100.  We will also modify your existing Speak for $75.  Please email for more info.



Custom Modular Synthesizer Modules

DAEDSound builds select custom Modular synthesizer modules and Kits for customers including original faceplates and modifications. Favorite formats include ModcanA and Buchla (two formats sorely missing thrid party support). These are one off hand made units available to the discerning customer and not mass produced.




Circuit Bent Talk and Learn Alphabet -  Available NOW!

Glitches, Buzzes, Touch points and all the letters you could want. Twist music or letters.

Coffin Wave - Available NOW!

Handheld Square wave manual "theremin". Built into a tiny plastic coffin complete with skeleton inlay. Momentary on/off, Pitch dial, 1/8" out. Great and fun tone generator. Point to Point hand wired weirdness.

Very wrong but mercifully short demo video here: http://youtu.be/fbAPjzJQAJQ


Watch this space for more good stuff or email us!


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