The DAED Disturbo DS-1 Processing Pedal

The Disturbo DS-1 is a modified Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.  While this can function as a normal distortion pedal with the modification off you'll never want to once you hear the cacophonous creations this creature concocts (Dig the ample alliteration!) 

We add a toggle that offers a HEAVY load fuzz which can operate as a  subharmonic synthesizer in some settings. This "Orgasm Oscillator" mod  allows you to play the pedal as a theremin by itself from the knobs on it alone or keep the oscillation going and freak out with, over, and behind it.

As if that wasn't enough there is a dual toggle (on-off-on) for processing which offers two different flavors of inside-the-hurricane noise including  a high pass filter type effect and a Ringmodish Fliter/Fuzz on the other side. 

Just for kicks we threw in a sexy glowing orange LED light to match the fire within.

Meet the Disturbo DS-1.   Available exclusively from DAED at

                                                Head on!   Note the Orange LED.                                       

Side view of controls.


 Can't Wait to plug it in!

Check out this online Demo Video of the Disturbo in all it's glory:

The Boss DS-1 pedal is one of the most plentiful and solid used effects boxes around and can be foun d quite inexpensively. Turn your DS-1 into the DAED DISTURBO and add a new secret life to your old pal.



Hear what the Disturbo can do to the famous Roland TB303 Synthesizer:

Freakish and traditional Overdrive and Distortion as well as Glitching, Subharmonic Bass Squelch, Motorboating, and more await those who are brave enough to listen!

(Note: These are 10mg WAV files)

SquareWave Demo

SawToothWave Demo


Original Prototype Disturbo DS-1 with three toggles. (Current version has one single and one two-way toggle)

Features of the DAED Disturbo DS-1

Please Note: The following modifications are available if you supply the DS1 pedal. Complete new Disturbos with all the fixin's are available as well (see bottom of list).

First, we start by swapping some of the internal caps to add more depth and  testicular fortitude to the orginal DS-1 sound.

Then we add our three custom bends:

Orgasm Oscillator Mod -   This adds a single on/off switch which turns on the internal oscillator. The pitch can be tuned via the Distortion Knob and the waveform/tone is controlled by the Tone knob. This sound can be used as a theremin on it's own with a simple cable plugged into it.

External Processing mods    - This add a two way toggle (On/Off/On) which creates a high pass filter type effect  as well as a Filter/Ringmod type sound These are VERY freaky and depending where you set the tone and distortion knobs you can get a monstrous or reedy sound.  The Synth type effect works best on the middle to upper strings and adds a subharmonic pitch to your notes.  Everything is very interactive and experimentation is the key.  These are great for processing drum machines, vocals, synthesizers, tape loops, etc.

Top it off with a good cleaning (to existing pedals), new orange LED (other colors avilable on request), and our DAED signature and hand numbered stamp of approval after testing.

All  Modifications with new orange LED to existing DS1 - $90       

Basic Disturbo pedal with all modifications and Orange LED - $150

NOTE: As of 2017 the base DS1 pedal used for these modifications is no longer sold new. Basic DAED Disturbos use good to excellent condition DS1s with full mods.  While we scour for excellent and new pedals some of these may have minor marks or wear.  Email for a picture of the pedals available for YOUR mod when you place an order. 

Brand New Old Stock Disturbo (Limited quantities $200) 

We always ship AT COST!


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