"I'm in love with my Disturbo DS-1, the stompbox mod of a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal so expertly modded by DAEDSound ( After the last year and a half inmy life of trying out and buying expensive botique distortion pedals (from Devi Ever, Zvex, Prescription Electronics Experience pedals to all the distortion modelling pedals of Boss, Digitech and Line 6) I've been searching fornew ways to create sonic mayhem.

The Disturbo DDS-1 is a dream in this regard. I can get more kinds of sounds out of this pedal now and the ability to have a tuneable distortion synth onboard just adds icing to the cake.  I stole my wife's DS-1 to have it modded and discovered much to my pleasure that I can still get a classic Boss distortion sound out of the pedal too, in fact it sounds a little better than before in that mode.  So it has huge slabs of chaotic noise possibilities AND it's really musical to boot.

Amazingly, the mod only set me back 50 bucks (DAED will also sell you a brand new DS-1 with the mod for a lowly $100  Just check out the price of boutique distortion/fuzzpedals these days. This is the single best deal on the market, the fact that DAED also intensifies the dayglo orange color of the pedal is just more icing on my cake. Best deal on the market for a pedal hands down! five stars!"

- Rick Walker aka loop.pool


"I own a DAED Feedback Synth and it is currently my favorite piece of gear. I also own a Moog Prodigy and Octave Cat and honestly prefer to use the DAED. Not only is it nice for the portability but I love the fact you can change the sound in so many unpredictable ways.

- Jonathan Canady,  Malsonus Recording artist (DEATHPILE, ANGEL OF DECAY). Currently performing as Diamond Cult.


Jon Playing his custom DAED Disturbo in NYC at the Wierd Showcase:

" I love these little guys. The portability is great compared to my other three vintage analog keyboards and they make great, weird sounds." 


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