DAED Shop:

We are continually making DAED products to order and keep a small stash on hand.

Please EMAIL us to place an order to own your own DAED.



1. The DAED Studio Sale:

Vintage Effects, Synthesizers, Drum machines and more.

NOW Including: One off Circuit bent DAEDSound.com HandMade items!!

An online shop of various synthesizers, effects, electronic gizmos, and more. Forget Eb*y and irregular online sellers, come to DAEDSound for great items at fair prices. Updated regularly and always interesting!


2. Disturbo DS1 :

Modifications to Exisiting pedal - $65

New Disturbo DS1 - $125



3. Juicy Wah Pedal

Juicy Wah Modifications - $65

Juicy Wah Modifications Plus True Bypass - $90

NEW Juicy Wah Plus (the works!) - $150



4. Feedback Synthesizer

New Feedback Synthesizer -  $Custom Order, EMAIL  us!




Please EMAIL us to place an order to get your own DAED.


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