DAED Shop:

We are continually making DAED products to order and keep a small stash on hand.

Please EMAIL us to place an order to own your own DAED.

1. The DAED Studio Sale:

Vintage Effects, Synthesizers, Drum machines and more.

NOW Including: One off Circuit bent DAEDSound.com HandMade items!!

An online shop of various synthesizers, effects, electronic gizmos, and more. Forget Eb*y and irregular online sellers, come to DAEDSound for great items at fair prices. Updated regularly and always interesting!


2. Disturbo DS1 :

Modifications to Exisiting pedal - $90

Disturbo DS1 - $150

NOTE: As of 2017 the base DS1 pedal used for these modifications is no longer sold new. Base DAED Disturbos use good to excellent condition DS1s with full mods.  While we scour for excellent and new pedals some of these may have minor marks or wear.  Email for a picture of the pedals available for YOUR mod when you place an order. 

Brand new old stock (NOS) DS1 Full Disturbo - $200.00 (VERY LIMITED)



3. Juicy Wah Pedal

Juicy Wah Modifications  to existing pedal - $75

Juicy Wah Used pedal with mods - $150 (limited quantities) 


NEW Juicy with mods or True Bypass to a Juicy Crybaby : $Email


4. Feedback Synthesizer

New Feedback Synthesizer -  $Custom Order, EMAIL  us!


Please EMAIL us to place an order to get your own DAED.

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