Modifications from Crybaby to UBER processor/filter


The DAED "Juicy" wah takes a standard and easy to find Crybaby Wah pedal and makes it into a tonal and processing beast.

First we add true bypass to eliminate the inherent volume and 'tone suck" these pedals suffer from.

We then upgrade filter caps and boost the signal using superior caps and values and  add a "voice" knob to adjust between the original "wah" and more vocal "woah" type sounds to full on open filter.

Finally we top things off in the typical DAED way by adding our exclusive "growl" gain pot which allows you to adjust the volume of the pedal when engaged from a simple cut or boost to serious a deep juicy overdrive of the filter like a traditional analog synth.  This overdrive is a DAED touch you won't find anywhere else and it sounds amazing  when run into a tube amp or preamp.

Watch Our Online Demo:


Like all DAED pedals and Modifications the Juicy Wah works well on everything from guitar to bass to drum machines, tape loops, and , of course, our own Feedback Synth.


Stock mods: $75

Stock mods on any standard Dunlop Crybaby pedal include:

- Component upgrades and cleaning

- Voice pot

- Gain/Growl pot

Used Juicy with mods: $150

 If you don't have a crybaby lying around we offer used pedals with all the mods for $150.


NEW Juicy with mods or True Bypass to a Juicy Crybaby : $Email




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